Expense for every budget

Set your Budget

Before going to make any expense set yor budget first and then go for making expense according to the budget you have.

Track your expense

Track your expenses Weekly, Monthly and yearly on the basis at which you have set your budget before.

Expense Notification

To prevent any mismanagement, get the notification of your expenses, match them with the remaining budget and then plan accordingly.

Account Categorization

Add multiple accounts

If your expenses are distributed, Select different accounts and keeps the expense of same kind under suitable account.

Categorise account/expenses

For every accounts you have selected, You can categorize them by giving a partcular name and then in to that account name the expenses under a different category like Bar, Cofee and etc.

Summary/Report of accounts

At the dashboard of the app itself you can see summary and the report related to expenses under every account.

Transaction Management

Keep the snap of every receipt

Every receipt you get after making an expense can be saved directly into the app. Just take a snap of the reciept and save that by customizing like cropping and all.

Add transaction Detail

Add detail of every transaction so as to have the idea about the expense.

Keep Transaction Record

Keep the record of every transaction you make, and avoid the unnecessary transaction further.

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Screenshots timeline!

The Expense Manager is what you need really to have your expenses and your budget under control. It gives you a multiple options to avoid confusion and making your expenses wisely.

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